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Each plant is either hot or cold, and so it grows, since the heat of herbs
is their spirit, and the cold is their body. According to their nature, the
herbs flourish and abound in heat or cold. If all plants were hot and none
of them cold, they would be useless. If all plants were cold, and none of
them hot, they would lead to an imbalance, since hot opposes cold, and
cold opposes hot.

                                                                                 Hildegarde von Bingen (1098-1179)

By / November 19, 2023


Polarity is defined as the relative orientation of poles; the direction of an magnetic field. The magnetic code or 'Soulmate'...

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By / September 11, 2023

Robots v Humans – The One Big Difference Between us that won’t be overcome

Robots were hardly more than mechanical means of mimicking human functions but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) it's...

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By / August 18, 2023

Pineal Gland Importance

Magnetite sits next to the Pineal Gland.  At the moment of birth when the waters break the earth's electromagneticis (7.83Hz)...

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Power in Opposites
By / July 15, 2023

Power in Opposites

Natural instinct is Women Manipulate; Men Dominate The more '+' polarity, the less of the characteristic; The more '-' polarity,...

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By / July 6, 2023

So You Don’t Believe in a Supreme Being?

My mother was in the last days of her life. She was 70 years of age and her lungs were...

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By / July 6, 2023

Coincidence or a Visit?

20 years after my mother had died, I moved to a hilltop in Ireland. There were three or four other...

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By / July 6, 2023

Life After Death

The jury is out on whether there is life after death. Only one way is certain and for sure we...

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By / June 24, 2023

Magnetic Influence on Health – magnetoreceptors

This website and its sister HowCompatibleAreWe.com were the outcome of my consideration of human behaviour and what causes it. As...

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By / April 26, 2023

Remarkable coincidence

Buster is a 1988 British romantic crime comedy-drama based on events from the Great Train Robbery, starring Phil Collins and...

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By / April 23, 2023

The Power of 5

When I first thought about duality and the division of male and female it was conclusive to me that everything...

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