Each plant is either hot or cold, and so it grows, since the heat of herbs
is their spirit, and the cold is their body. According to their nature, the
herbs flourish and abound in heat or cold. If all plants were hot and none
of them cold, they would be useless. If all plants were cold, and none of
them hot, they would lead to an imbalance, since hot opposes cold, and
cold opposes hot.

                                                                                 Hildegarde von Bingen (1098-1179)

By admin / March 6, 2020

Astrology, Character & Proof

In 45 B.C. Julius Caesar ordered a calendar to be based on a solar year. So named after him, the...

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By admin / October 28, 2019

Chain of Command & the Plus/Minus System

HowCompatibleAreWe.com and Astromagnetica.click have developed the idea that there are only 5 types of people based on their electro-magnetic polarity...

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By admin / September 28, 2019

A Question of Balance

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By admin / September 12, 2019

Why Brexit is Failing the British People and the EU

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By admin / August 11, 2019

People on the Cusp

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By admin / May 1, 2019

Imagine a room…

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By admin / April 14, 2019

Plus-Minus System

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By admin / April 6, 2019

BREXIT – The Failing Parliament

Astromagnetic analysis of the Conservative Government 19 March 2019 Ministers Teresa May 3+/1- Amber Rudd 3+/1- Chris Grayling 3+/1- David...

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By admin / April 6, 2019

Life Lesson & the 1%

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By admin / March 6, 2019

How to Use the Power of a Smile

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