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    The Room

    Imagine… a room with 9 people in it consisting of Donald Trump .   Paul McCartney.   David Cameron.   Emma Thompson.   Sandra Bullock.   Christian Bale.  Mary Queen of Scots. Phil Collins. Jane Fonda. How do you think they’d get on? From a Starcodes point of view, initially, they would have an absolute love-in. Ego to ego con-celebration like drinking the finest bottle of Grants whiskey in one gulp. After a couple of hours, it would be a different kind of gulp – there would be animosity. And then there would be trouble, confusion, argument, dissatisfaction, and then MURDER! Someone would not be leaving the room alive. Which one? Anyone! but someone would…

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    Born 23rd September 1990 – What am I?

    My best friend’s son, Christopher L. was born on 23rd September 1990. In the year of the Horse (Male 2+), it was the last day of Virgo. Libra began on the 24th. However, he was six weeks premature, which meant he would have been born on 5th November. The reason why this is so important and significant is that Christopher could be observed to determine whether he was a Virgo, Libra (as it depends on the time of the change of the Moon on that day) or a Scorpio. If he was Virgo he would be 3+/1- magnetic type. If he was Libra, he would be 4+ magnetic type. If…

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    Please note that there is a popup after 10 seconds on this page. It offers you a completely free copy of Decode Your Relationships. If you click on any of the above blocks before 10 seconds it will not appear. Sorry if it irritates. I know they do myself but I want to offer people a copy of my books by way of an introduction to Astromagnetica. Thank you for your patience. When the waters in the womb break and, shortly thereafter, a child is born, he/she is instantly tethered to the earth’s magnetic field through magnetite in the brain. This magnetic coding is fixed forever and is one of…

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  • Magnetic Behaviour of the 5 Types


             Diplomatic, charming, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, creative, flexible, compliant, good communicator, intellectual. The magnetic polarity of [+] [+] and [-] [-] in any formation brings to mind “balance”.  Alas, ‘tis a lost cause as the hand sits on twelve for just the briefest of moments. It is mostly either approaching or receding from the point of the strike.  These magnetic types can be nervy and cool at the same time. There is always a striving towards keeping the hand on 12.  It makes them surreptitiously nervous.  It makes them self-doubting.  And it makes them silently scream inwardly as they allow themselves to be taken advantage of… well, to a point!…

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