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    Bands of the 60’s

    BANDS OF THE ’60’sAny shift from equal transmitters (+) or receivers (-) indicates a greater or lesser imbalance in the groups total identity or stage presence.  The more transmitter (+) energy, the less effort needed on stage to produce/attract audience attention. The more receiver (-) energy, the greater effort needed on stage to produce/attract audience attention. The only group in history with perfect balance is The Beatles until The Travelling Wilburys and George Harrison (4 Receivers type) was in both.

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    Famous Backup

                                                                COUPLES MEN WOMEN BANDS MOONMEN STAGE & SCREEN TWINS UK PRIME MINISTERS US PRESIDENTS IRISH LEADERS POLITICAL LEADERS of NOTE CAMBRIDGE SPIES Robots are coming! [drawattention]

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    0+/4- BACKUP ONLY

      Patient, prudent, stable, reliable, hard-working, ambitious, disciplined, logical, governed by service and duty to others. Let’s be absolutely clear, we are talking serious inductive power here. Whereas those with four transmitters  blast and blow, huff and puff their way to your attention,  quietly, purposefully and powerfully just draw it from you.  A great team captain, they are supreme at appearing benign and masking their vice-like grip of power over everything around them. This means these people can take all you have got and more.  They could be incredibly manipulative with their power to absorb but it is so great it actually overwhelms any desire they may have to use it…

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    The Room

    Imagine… a room with 9 people in it consisting of Donald Trump .   Paul McCartney.   David Cameron.   Emma Thompson.   Sandra Bullock.   Christian Bale.  Mary Queen of Scots. Phil Collins. Jane Fonda. How do you think they’d get on? From a Starcodes point of view, initially, they would have an absolute love-in. Ego to ego con-celebration like drinking the finest bottle of Grants whiskey in one gulp. After a couple of hours, it would be a different kind of gulp – there would be animosity. And then there would be trouble, confusion, argument, dissatisfaction, and then MURDER! Someone would not be leaving the room alive. Which one? Anyone! but someone would…

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    Born 23rd September 1990 – What am I?

    My best friend’s son, Christopher L. was born on 23rd September 1990. In the year of the Horse (Male 2+), it was the last day of Virgo. Libra began on the 24th. However, he was six weeks premature, which meant he would have been born on 5th November. The reason why this is so important and significant is that Christopher could be observed to determine whether he was a Virgo, Libra (as it depends on the time of the change of the Moon on that day) or a Scorpio. If he was Virgo he would be 3+/1- magnetic type. If he was Libra, he would be 4+ magnetic type. If…

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