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Trump, Putin & Jing


14 Jun 1946 7 Oct 1952 15 Jun 1953
Gemini/Year of the Dog Libra/Year of the Dragon Gemini/Year of the Snake
4+/0- 3+/1- 3+/1-
Donald Trump Vladamir Putin Qi Jing

This trio of world leaders is a very interesting one from the plus/minus point of view.  Trump is dogmatic, determined and driven and apt to change his mind to suit his purpose for the end result is what matters to 4+ not the means of getting there. Unlike Trump, both Putin and Jing are the same type (3+/1-) i.e. lovers of the stage and full of crash, bang, wallop.  However, they also have the means of pro-active engagement with people in general. They are well suited to get along together. But 4+ types who often attract or are attracted to 3+/1- types because they love the dynamics do not eventually get on well together and often have feuds which grow in repetition as they spark each other off.  It is always the 3+/1- types who prevent absolute head-to-head blows because they have the one inlet valve which 4+ types don’t have. So, 4+ types only know one way to go.  In the case of Putin in particular and Jing I would suggest they are like JFK or Bill Clinton and provide a less extreme view on difficult situations but they will always deal with things as necessary when their backs are to the wall. I would suggest we are lucky these two men share the same astromagnets but what would serve them better and Trump as well is if there was a 4- type among them. Think, Gorbachev!  At the time of writing, Kim Jong-un is providing these guys with a fox, who it is interesting to note has ensured confusion as to his date of birth. Wikipedia gives it as 8 January 1982-84 or 5 July 1984.  Taking it as 1984, if it was the former he would be Capricorn/Year of Pig or 1+/3- and the latter, July, would make him Cancer/Year of Rat or 2+/2-.  To add to that, former basketball player, Denis Rodman, met him and said afterwards his date of birth was 8 January 1983. This would make him Capricorn/Year of Dog or 3+/1- type.  It is my instinctive view that this date would be correct given his behaviour, so typical of the type and what group we now have before us with one being a forceful unstoppable protagonist 4+ and the other three being 3+/1-, a populist but determined responder to any threat.

Note: As was pointed out in another comparison page, there were only two other 4+ presidents to compare with Trump. One was McKinley (Aquarius/Tiger) who led America into success in the American-Spanish Civil War, raised protective tariffs to protect US industry and maintained the gold standard against inflationary pressures. Now who does that remind you of?  The other 4+ was Dwight Eisenhower (Libra/Tiger). A very straightforward man, as he was a general, Eisenhower pushed America forward after the war and who is quoted as saying: “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do what you want done because he wants to do it”. It could well be said by Donald Trump.


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