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25 Richest Americans

This is a table of the 25 Richest Americans as published byForbes in 2021.  You can re-list any number of times by clicking on the headings. Note the number of different magnetic types or number of people born by western or eastern i.d.

NameDate of BirthWestEastPlus/Minus
Elon Musk28 June 1971CancerPig0+/4-
Jeff Bezos12 January 1964CapricornSnake2+/2-
Bill Gates28 October 1955ScorpioGoat0+/4-
Larry Ellison17 August 1944
Mark Zuckerberg14 May 1984TaurusDragon2+/2-
Larry Page26 March 1973AriesOx2+/2-
Warren Buffett30 August 1930VirgoHorse3+/1-
Sergey Brin21 August 1973LeoOx2+/2-
Steve Balmer24 March1956AriesMonkey2+/2-
Michael Bloomberg14 February 1942AquariusSnake3+/1-
Jim Walton7 June 1948GeminiRat3+/1-
Alice Walton7 October 1949LibraPig2+/2-
Rob Walton28 October 1944
Michael Dell23 February 1965PiscesSnake1+/3-
Phil Knight24 February 1938
MacKenzie Scott (f)7 April 1970
Charles Koch1 November 1955ScorpioGoat0+/4-
Julia Koch12 April 1962AriesTiger3+/1-
Len Blavatnik14 June 1957
Stephen Schwarzman14 February 1947AquariusPig2+/2-
John Frankly Mars15 October 1935
Jacqueline Mars10 October 1939LibraCat2+/2-
Leonard Lauder19 March 1933PiscesRooster1+/3-
Miriam Adelson10 October 1945LibraRooster1+/3-
Dan Gilbert17 January 1962

Of the 25, 13 are Jewish or of Jewish origin, plus 2 whose mother was Jewish, which is incredible given the small percentage of Americans who are of that faith.
Of the rest, Elon Musk was the son of a very wealthy South African Emerald Mine owning father; the Walton trio are family owners of Walmart; and the only one who seems outside the stream is Jeff Bezos.