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  • Most Vile Murderers are 2+/2- Magnetic Types

    Yes, quite something 2+/2- magnetic types are ‘manipulators’ so if they go rogue they have the potential to be the most vile murderers of all. That does NOT mean ALL vile murderers are this type but there are more of them the others and the magnetic field is the reason why. UNLIKE THEM, for example, the Yorkshire Ripper in England, Peter Sutcliffe, born 2nd June 1946, is Gemini (two-faced) Year of the Dog (amongst which there are many killers), which is 4+/0-. Another is Ted Bundy born 29/11/46 Sagittarius Year of the Dog, which is 3+/1-. So, here’s just a few of some of the most vile murderers in hstory…

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  • Patterns of Political Persuasion

    In my endeavours to explain and deliver my concept that, as a result of the Earths’s magnetic field, we humans are affected by it to the extent it underpins our basic behaviour. Irrespective of all other influences, my conjecture is that at the time of birth when the water breaks in the womb we are immediately stamped by the magnetic field with one of five types of configuration. They are unchangeable and surreptitiously influence all that we are and do with the whole of our lives. To that end, I have written several books and created a number of websites, which I list below for further reference. But something interesting…

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  • Type 4

    As they can’t be controlled, they always tend to be in danger of going over the top in their behaviour. Above all, they love to impress.  Certainly, we all like to be liked and they, of course, do, too, but it can at times feel like an inconvenient feature of the human condition to them and it is quickly discarded without care if and when they lose control.  Despite their dedication to the purpose, they can change their minds more often than the weathermen.  Their attention has to be constantly corrected as they cannot hold a steady course for long. But for the time they are dedicated to their purpose,…

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  • Type 3

    You might think I am going to suggest that you put your dark glasses on for crash, bang, wallop, here come the bobby dazzlers; especially, after what I said about the  types!  Not a chance.  Stand down.  Remember, surface personality is not a direct reflection of the code but a result of it.  The code predetermines the core innate self. For example,  might give you the impression of what you think a  person must be like and vice versa.  It’s only an impression – the real them will be revealed to you by familiarity. So, whilst  may be the life and soul of any party, they are also more often…

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  • Type 2

    The magnetic polarity of  and  in any formation brings to mind “balance”.  Alas, ‘tis a lost cause as the hand sits on twelve for just the briefest of moments. It is mostly either approaching or receding from the point of the strike.  These magnetic types can be nervy and cool at the same time. There is always a striving towards keeping the hand on 12.  It makes them surreptitiously nervous.  It makes them self-doubting.  And it makes them silently scream inwardly as they allow themselves to be taken advantage of… well, to a point! We are talking about people who are sympathetic energy out-pourers.  They thrive on expression and feed…

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  • Type 1

    Feisty! That is the best word to describe those whose magnetic polarity is made up of three receivers and one transmitter. It may seem strange to say that. It might appear to be more appropriate for their direct opposites, but unlike them, it is a quiet, subdued, smoldering fieriness.  can erupt almost without warning. They have a great capacity for absorbing energy so, unsurprisingly, they can become very irascible when they want things to go their own way. They demand attention and thrive on being adored.  They need the light and will do anything to attract it, not for itself, but so it can highlight them.  This is totally unlike…

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  • Type 0

    Let’s be absolutely clear, we are talking serious inductive power here. Whereas those with four transmitters i.e. 4 plusses blast and blow, huff and puff their way to your attention, their direct opposites the 4 receivers types i.e. 0+/4- quietly, purposefully and powerfully just draw it from you.  A great team captain, 0+/4- magnetic types are supreme at appearing benign and masking their vice-like grip of power over everything around them. This means these people can take all you have got and more.  They could be incredibly manipulative with their power to absorb but it is so great it actually overwhelms any desire they may have to use it for their own personal…

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  • Boris v Candidates

      Tugendhat 27/6/1973 Cancer/Ox 1+/3- (Thatcher-like) Best Choice Mordaunt 4/3/1973 Pisces/Ox 1+/3- (Thatcher-like) Sunak 12/5/1980. Taurus/Monkey 2+/2-  (Blair-like) Give and take equally – Made a complete mess of the country finances Javid 5/12/1969 Sagittarius/Rooster 2+/2-  (Blair-like) Give and take equally Hunt 1/11/1966 Scorpio/Horse 2+/2- (Blair-like) Failed on NHS duty Truss 26/7/1975 Leo/Cat 3+/1- (Boris-like) Loves being on the stage Zahawi 2/6/1967 Gemini/Goat 3+/1- (Boris-like) Loves being on the stage Braverman 3/4/1980 Aries/Monkey 4+/0- (Cameron-like) No inlet valve Patel 29/3/1972 Aries/Rat 4+/0- (Cameron-like) No inlet valve Note: Boris – 19/6/1964 Gemini/Dragon 3+/1-  (Same 3+/1- as Corbyn, Starmer, May, Bercow)

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  • Riches beyond avarice

    Elon Musk today purchased Twitter for $44 billion. $1 billion = $1000 million.  The population of America is 330 million people. Did you know that instead of buying Twitter, he could have given every person in the United States $10 million and still have $11 billion left over! Imagine what that could have done to America and the World? Scary, huh? Elon Musk is a 0+/4- magnetic type. So is Gates, Jobs and Murdoch.  I have created a table for the 25 richest oligarchs in Russia and the same for the 25 richest Americans. It makes interesting reading when examined from the point of view of the magnetic fields. But…

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