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  • Riches beyond avarice

    Elon Musk today purchased Twitter for $44 billion. $1 billion = $1000 million.  The population of America is 330 million people. Did you know that instead of buying Twitter, he could have given every person in the United States $10 million and still have $11 billion left over! Imagine what that could have done to America and the World? Scary, huh? Elon Musk is a 0+/4- magnetic type. So is Gates, Jobs and Murdoch.  I have created a table for the 25 richest oligarchs in Russia and the same for the 25 richest Americans. It makes interesting reading when examined from the point of view of the magnetic fields. But…

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  • Dr. Zhivago – a coincidence?

    When people make a movie or anything that is in art or requires a collective such as in music, you can see a strange ‘coincidence’ happen if that is your take on what is happening. What I see is an invisible recognition of people’s magnetic attractors to one another. If you have looked at the music groups section here you will see what I mean. The Beatles including George Martin were the only group of the 1960’s who were made up of each one of the 5 magnetic types and you can see their gel and their interactions clearly. The only other group I found which had each one of…

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  • Dangerous Aspects

    Using the magnetic type system you can immediately see the most suspicious and, potentially, dangerous aspects that each type can be capable of even in a work or home environment to their own advantage. 0+/4- Wizardry 1+/3-  Deviousness 2+/2- Machiavellianism 3+/1-  Narcissis 4+/0- Psychopathy    

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  • Recommendations

    Interested in astrology or numerology or other forms of human magnetic connection? Then have a look at these:-

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  • Is this proof humans are computerised like any other 4-bit code

      Are we humans digitized like any other code in a computer making it possible this world we live in is actually a computer?  But beware!. I, for one, am afraid even to to reveal it. In the wrong hands or used in the wrong way, we will be in hell. When I saw the table above after I compared binary code with my observational magnetic code, I was astonished at what I was looking at.  I have spent many years working on the astromagnetic code based on simple observation and the application of the law of duality. Duality is basically recognising that everything has an opposite in or of…

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  • Astrology

    Astrology, Character & Proof

    In 45 B.C. Julius Caesar ordered a calendar to be based on a solar year. So named after him, the Julian calendar started on 1 January and consisted of 365 days for three years and 366 days for one year just as it is today. The Roman Empire fell in the 5th century and due to religious christian fervour following festivals’ dates, the new year went back to what it had once been starting from 25th March. By the middle ages it became clear that the Julian calendar with its leap-year formula had over compensated by one day every 128 years. It ignored this until 1582 when seasonal equinoxes were…

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  • Chain of Command & the Plus/Minus System

    HowCompatibleAreWe.com and Astromagnetica.click have developed the idea that there are only 5 types of people based on their electro-magnetic polarity as a result of their date of birth and its link to the Earth’s magnetic field. The way people interact as result of their polarity is like magnets. In other words, the pluses and minuses  negate/support/compliment each other. The five types are 4+/0-  3+/1-  2+/2-  1+/3- and 0+/4-.  Plusses are transmitters and minuses are receivers. 4+/0- only transmit as they have no receivers 3+/1- transmit in 3 parts and receive in 1 part 2+/2- transmit in 2 parts and receive in 2 parts (balanced) 1+/3- transmit in 1 part and…

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  • A Question of Balance

    As there are only five types of electromagnetic fields visited on people and, accordingly, affecting their behaviour, it may seem to difficult at first, particularly for those with a closed mind to visualise it if not to understand it. In order to do so please visit the page ‘A Question of Balance‘ referred to on the welcome page which presents this in a simple graphic way. Moreover, to add to it, there is currently a perfect demonstration of what happens when things are imbalanced by there being too many people of one type or the other on the plank, as it were. That is, the current leadership at this time…

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  • Why Brexit is Failing the British People and the EU

    The current situation in the British government, the British parliament and the British parties is the leaders. Never in the history of politics have they all at the same time been so bad. There is a secret reason for it: they are nearly all 3+/1- types! It defies logic that this is possible that, given there are only 72 out of 288 different types of people, or 25%. 3+/1- types are full of their own importance and great lovers of being on the stage. They love performing to audiences and are very expulsive and dynamic. This why they are unable to come to a Brexit agreement. They try to be…

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  • People on the Cusp

    On the cusp is the period in astrology when one sign hand over to another such as Aries into Taurus or Taurus into Gemini. The same applies to Easter Chinese Horoscopes signs. The time of each transmission is dependent on the year but all in all it’s difficult to be accurate.  It means that a person may be born on the last day of a sign but actually in that period have the characteristics of the next sign. Here’s a good example – Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Rynair was born on 20 March 1949. According to astrology Pisces dates from 19th February to 20th March. Some say it ranges…

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