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Riches beyond avarice

Elon Musk today purchased Twitter for $44 billion. $1 billion = $1000 million.  The population of America is 330 million people. Did you know that instead of buying Twitter, he could have given every person in the United States $10 million and still have $11 billion left over! Imagine what that could have done to America and the World? Scary, huh?

Elon Musk is a 0+/4- magnetic type. So is Gates, Jobs and Murdoch.  I have created a table for the 25 richest oligarchs in Russia and the same for the 25 richest Americans. It makes interesting reading when examined from the point of view of the magnetic fields. But what I want to point out is the number of chances that the figures which I reproduce below show are possible

0+/4- 3 1
1+/3- 4 5
2+/2- 12 12*
3+/1- 6 5
4+/0- 0 2

*One was 1+/1- as his year is unclear so I made him 2+/2-

Out of 100 people, you have a 6.25{c0ed3390df44a7dadf193de048cc185bbe47f2097111fce34c1e920c87f14c6b} chance of being either 0+/4- or 4+/0-
Out of 100 people, you have a 25{c0ed3390df44a7dadf193de048cc185bbe47f2097111fce34c1e920c87f14c6b} chance of being either 1+/3- or 3+/1-
Out of 100 people, you have a 37.5{c0ed3390df44a7dadf193de048cc185bbe47f2097111fce34c1e920c87f14c6b} chance of being a 2+/2-

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