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Dr. Zhivago – a coincidence?

When people make a movie or anything that is in art or requires a collective such as in music, you can see a strange ‘coincidence’ happen if that is your take on what is happening. What I see is an invisible recognition of people’s magnetic attractors to one another. If you have looked at the music groups section here you will see what I mean. The Beatles including George Martin were the only group of the 1960’s who were made up of each one of the 5 magnetic types and you can see their gel and their interactions clearly. The only other group I found which had each one of the 5 magnetic types were The Travelling Wilburys. Oddly, both had George Harrison in them.

So, looking at the film world I was astonished to see that in the making of Dr. Zhivago, the director and the majority of the stars were born in the sign of Aries.

  • David Lean       25 March 1908  Aries/Monkey. 2+/2-
  • Omar Sharif.    10 April 1932.    Aries/Monkey  2+/2-
  • Julie Christie   14 April 1940    Aries/Dragon    4+/0-
  • Rod Steiger.    14 April 1925.   Aries/Dragon.   2+/2-
  • Alec Guinness. 2 April 1914     Aries/Tiger       3+/1-

Also in the film
Tom Courtenay. 25 February 1937.            Pisces/Ox.           1+/3-
Geraldine Chaplin. 31 July 1944                 Leo/Monkey.       4+/0-
Ralph Richardson  19 December 1902      Sagittarius/Tiger 3+/1-
Rita Tushingham.  14 March 1942             Pisces/Horse.       1+/3-
Siobhan McKenna. 24 May 1923               Gemini/Pig            2+/2-
Klaus Kinski.   18 October 1926.                Libra/Tiger            4+/0-

The dynamism in the film is incredible. Here we have 5 people who are Aries and on leading actor, Courtenay, not an Aries, made up for by the Director, Lean, who was.  Noteworthy too is that there were 3 actors out of 10 who were 4+/0- magnetic type. That’s a recipe for friction. Of the 11 above making up 44 polarities, there was a total of 28+ and 16- which reveals the huge dynamic within this excellent award-winning film.


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