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Whether they really did go to the Moon or not no one can be sure anymore. But there is one other unique factor to be considered and that is the electromagnetic field of the three astronauts. It is beyond comprehension how three large men wearing three cumbersome spacesuits could possibly endure a solid week inside a cabin that could barely contain them. Now add to the mix their EMF to see what mental interactions they would bring on them and there’s no way I can possibly imagine them doing it.

NEIL ARMSTRONG5/8/1930LEO/HORSE3+/1-Moonwalker
BUZZ ALDRIN20/1/1930AQUARIUS/HORSE3+/1-Moonwalker


It is just not feasible that these three men could endure each others company in such closed cramp conditions for so long by their EMF alone. Three of them means 3 x 4 poles = 12 of which 9+ and 3-. This means they would be hugely dynamic and whilst it is to be acknowledged this would be a driving force towards their goal, a week in a box would mean chaos.

As of today, 4 April 2024, I have had to change the dates of birth for Armstrong & Aldrin.  This means I have had to change thei EMF interlink!  When I created the list nearly over 12 years or more ago, their dates of birth were 20/8/2030 (Armstrong) and Aldrin (30/1/1930). I happened to see a youtube video of Armstrong claiming he had surreptitiously declared when he died that they didn’t do to the Moon. It made me check he history and to my shock I found both is aand Aldrin’s dates of birth were different than what I had orinally published.  I am extremely doubtful I didn’t make a mistake and even if I did would I have made two mistakes and even then of only those who were supposed to have originally landed on the Moon. Additionally, it is the shifting of the dates that made me suspicious. You see, Armstrong’s original date of 20/8/1930 shifted to 5/8/1930 makes no difference to his EMF as they both represent Leo/Horse but the change seemed to me to be purposefully done to undermine what Aldrin’s date change occurs. Aldrin was originally recorded as 30/1/1930 meaning he was Aquarius/Horse and this was changed to say he was 20/1/1930 meaning Aquarius/Snake.  This means that Armstrong and Aldrin were originally 3+/1- and 4+/0- (an impossible coupling for the task they were said to have achieved as in say a similar EMF par such as JFK 3+/1- and Trump 4+/0-.  Now they are 3+/1- and 3+/1- which is a much more likely combination.
Has NASA or the CIA been paying attention to my tables, I wonder?