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Donald Trump v Kim Jong-un


14 Jun 1946 8 Jan 1984* or 5 July 1984
Gemini/Year of the Dog Capricorn-Cancer/Year of the Pig-Rat
4+/0- 1+/3-
Donald Trump Kim Jong-un

If there’s going to be a nuclear war at all, there couldn’t be two worse astromagnetic types facing one another.

Trump is dogmatic, determined and driven and apt to change his mind to suit his purpose, for the end result is what matters to 4+ not the means of getting there.  In one sense, a bully, but being Gemini, is two-faced and can change his mind in an instant without blushing.

Kim is all about the self. He can take anything you throw at him…except rejection!  That’s his achilles heel. His one little plus is a kicker to draw attention to himself. He loves being respected and  the boss and his astromagnetic type never, never, never give in.  They are very bloody-minded and would rather the whole world collapses than they withdraw from the position they take. They spare no expense when their leadership is challenged in eradicating the opposition and when confronted with the cost of their position, they will just shrug their shoulders and look blankly at you (if you’re lucky). Another one of these was Margaret Thatcher.

Kim will never back down and so we can expect his nuclear program to continue. That will be like sticking two fingers up to Trump. The question has to be: can Trump keep his nerve as Kim lobs his grenades every now and again? Personally, I don’t think so, and if China can be persuaded to take a back seat, which I very much doubt, I would predict that Trump will attempt to take Kim out.  However, whilst the Chinese remain involved, Kim will keep Trump snookered and frustrated and unable to pull the trigger because China will have to respond if he does. Hence, a major conflagration in prospect. The Chinese will have the last word whatever happens whether before, during or afterwards.

The danger lies in Trump not staying calm and an errant military man, aiding his plight, releases the issue.

*There is some dispute over his date of birth. Reports are 8 January 1982, 83 or 84 or 5 July 1984.  His aunt who has lived in the USA (believe it or not!!!) since the late 1990’s, has stated she remembers he was born in 1984 because her own child was born then too. If he was born in July he would be Year of the Rat but in early January he would fall under the Pig year of 1983. Personally, I think it more likely he is the Year of the Rat but, irrespectively, both would make him astromagnetic type 1+/3-.


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