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Bette Davis v Joan Crawford


5 April 1908 23 March 1904
Aries/Year of the Monkey Aries/Year of the Dragon
4+/0- 4+/0-
Bette Davis Joan Crawford

Both 4+, these two great stars of stage and screen were constantly at each other’s throats like two competing bull elephants over who was best. They exemplified the relationship type as depicted in the Scales of Electromagnetic Relationships as being 0+ on the dynamic. In other words, bouncing off one another like two positive magnets facing each other – they can’t be brought together.  This was classically portrayed in the TV Drama Feud: Bette and Joan, which was a representation of their momentous on and off-screen involvement in the five times Oscar nominated film of 1956 titled: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

This type of pairing is greatly destructive because there is no ‘receiver’, no inlet valve at all, to quell the sparking dynamics.  It’s a matter of kill or be killed and which of us can be first to do it before the other one does it. And they don’t care who gets hurt in the process either.

An absolutely classic, no-way, can’t happen relationship.




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