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Born 23rd September 1990 – What am I?

My best friend’s son, Christopher L. was born on 23rd September 1990. In the year of the Horse (Male 2+), it was the last day of Virgo. Libra began on the 24th. However, he was six weeks premature, which meant he would have been born on 5th November.

The reason why this is so important and significant is that Christopher could be observed to determine whether he was a Virgo, Libra (as it depends on the time of the change of the Moon on that day) or a Scorpio.

If he was Virgo he would be 3+/1- magnetic type.
If he was Libra, he would be 4+ magnetic type.
If he was Scorpio, he would be 2+/2- magnetic type.

The first question to me was: are you determined by the due date of your birth or the actual date of your birth? The plus-minus system is founded on the principle that when the waters in the womb break, that is the moment the connection is made to the Earth’s magnetic field. Over the years I have enjoyed watching Christopher grow into the fine young man he is today and, although we met infrequently, never once did he exude the electro-magnetic traits of a 4+ type. Personality is one thing separate from the magnetic field behaviours. The latter informs the former. The former can disguise the latter…but not for long. That said, both his mother and I felt he was more a Libran than a Virgoan. That would make him a 4+. And therein lies the conundrum. His magnetic field type convinced and convinces me he is a 3+/1- type. The personality flits in and out of and fits more with a Libran but the magnetic field I detect from him is in keeping with a 3+/1- type as a Virgo/Year of the Horse. People born on the cusp of two signs often produce a mixture of the two sign’s traits.

4+ types have no inlet valve. They have a moody feel about them. Christopher, most certainly, does not. His personality is more generous and engaging and he definitely has that inlet valve missing from 4+ types.

So, I think I can finally say that he is 3+/1- magnetic type. Former UK Prime Minister, Bonar Law, was a Virgo/Horse as was ‘The Sage of Omaha’, Warren Buffett, a Virgo/Horse and I have no doubt Christopher is following in their magnetic footsteps.