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The Room


a room

with 9 people in it

consisting of

Donald Trump .   Paul McCartney.   David Cameron.   Emma Thompson.   Sandra Bullock.   Christian Bale.  Mary Queen of Scots. Phil Collins. Jane Fonda.

How do you think they’d get on?

From a Starcodes point of view, initially, they would have an absolute love-in. Ego to ego con-celebration like drinking the finest bottle of Grants whiskey in one gulp.

After a couple of hours, it would be a different kind of gulp – there would be animosity.

And then

there would be trouble, confusion, argument, dissatisfaction, and then

MURDER! Someone would not be leaving the room alive.

Which one?

Anyone! but someone would be dead if, indeed, they hadn’t all escaped from the room. ‘Escape’ is the operative word here because 4+ types don’t do ‘receive’ or ‘retreat’. They stand their ground and bludgeon their opponents into submission. However, in this case there is no one ‘giving’ – it’s all ‘transmission’ so the only hope for a survivor is they all get out of the room first.

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