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A Question of Balance

As there are only five types of electromagnetic fields visited on people and, accordingly, affecting their behaviour, it may seem to difficult at first, particularly for those with a closed mind to visualise it if not to understand it. In order to do so please visit the page ‘A Question of Balance‘ referred to on the welcome page which presents this in a simple graphic way.

Moreover, to add to it, there is currently a perfect demonstration of what happens when things are imbalanced by there being too many people of one type or the other on the plank, as it were. That is, the current leadership at this time during the Brexit process. To be clear, May, Johnson, Corbyn, Starmer, Lucas, Bercow, (both favourite successor candidates to him) and Rees-Mogg are all 3+/1- types.  Unlike LibDem Nick Clegg, who was also 3+/1- type, Jo Swinson is not – she is a balanced 2+2- as is Nigel Farage, Ian Blackford, Nicola Sturgeon and Arlene Foster. Behind the mask of the two main 3+/1- leaders i.e. Johnson and Corbyn are Cummings and McDonnell who are both 1+/3-, the backbone to their champions who love holding court and taking the stage and another worth adding here is Michael Gove who also powerfully manipulates behind the scenes.

So, the House of Commons is completely unbalanced and leaning in one way only.

The ones who have been shouting the most including Umunna, Soubry & Patel.

Has the penny dropped?



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