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Chain of Command & the Plus/Minus System

HowCompatibleAreWe.com and Astromagnetica.click have developed the idea that there are only 5 types of people based on their electro-magnetic polarity as a result of their date of birth and its link to the Earth’s magnetic field. The way people interact as result of their polarity is like magnets. In other words, the pluses and minuses  negate/support/compliment each other. The five types are 4+/0-  3+/1-  2+/2-  1+/3- and 0+/4-.  Plusses are transmitters and minuses are receivers.

4+/0- only transmit as they have no receivers
3+/1- transmit in 3 parts and receive in 1 part
2+/2- transmit in 2 parts and receive in 2 parts (balanced)
1+/3- transmit in 1 part and receive in 3 parts
0+/4- only receive as they have no transmitters

Now here’s a peculiar observation – it is exactly the same in a military chain of command!

How so, I hear you cry?  Well, the officer class is made up of 5 types. They are Generals, Colonels, Majors, Captains and Lieutenants.

Generals are like 4+/0- astromagnetica types – they only give orders and not receive them.
Colonels are like 3+/1- in that they can receive orders from only one (Generals) but transmit orders to 3 (Majors, captains and Lieutenants).
Majors are like 2+/2- types in that they can receive orders from two (Generals and Colonels) and transmit orders to two (Captains and Lieutenants).
Captains are like 1+/3- types in that they can receive orders from three (Generals, Colonels and Majors) and transmit orders to only one (Lieutenants)
Lieutenants are like 0+/4- in that they can only receive orders and not transmit them (except to the rank and file)

This is a really fascinating, absorbing and mind-blowing observation that not only supports the astromagnetica system but raises the question whether we human beings are actually the toys of some superior race and we’re being played with all the time.



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