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Diplomatic, charming, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, creative, flexible, compliant, good communicator, intellectual.

The magnetic polarity of [+] [+] and [-] [-] in any formation brings to mind “balance”.  Alas, ‘tis a lost cause as the hand sits on twelve for just the briefest of moments. It is mostly either approaching or receding from the point of the strike.  These magnetic types can be nervy and cool at the same time. There is always a striving towards keeping the hand on 12.  It makes them surreptitiously nervous.  It makes them self-doubting.  And it makes them silently scream inwardly as they allow themselves to be taken advantage of… well, to a point!

We are talking about people who are sympathetic energy out-pourers.  They thrive on expression and feed off holding court but they become quiet and introspective when they have exhausted their batteries. At such times they need to be left alone to quietly reflect. It is essential that they be allowed this space.  Despite the apparent strength they seem to show in their meeting with people, believe it or not, they are extremely reticent and self-effacing. Their usual bonhomie can be misleading and you can be forgiven for mistaking it as their normal manner when they are actually in need of a temporary retreat from the world.  It is often so well hidden you may not notice it until it erupts in your face unexpectedly.   They enjoy company but they equally enjoy being alone from time to time.  In fact, if they don’t have these periods of solitude you can watch out because they will lash out unexpectedly and you’ll be left wondering what on earth caused it.

Their motto could well be “don’t push me!”  But otherwise they’ll do anything for you and without any selfish motive whatsoever. Seeing you happy is all they want.  On the other hand if they ask a favour of you, they won’t be put out if you can’t help them.  In fact, they won’t even remember it the next time you ask them for something but remember what I said “don’t push me” is lurking there somewhere.

They want things to be right.  They want the government to always do the right thing, their friend to always do the right thing, their employer to always do the right thing, the bus company to always do the right thing. They want everyone to do the right thing and when they don’t, as is so often the case, it leads to disappointment.

They can be frustrated because they think they can do things better.  Not in a superior way do I mean this but simply in an everyday fashion.  They exude commonsense. It’s the balance thing again.  They don’t seek admiration for it and, in fact, they would rather not be engaged in dealing with it but if they have to be, they can do things better given the chance. If they cannot, they know how it can be done better and who to get to do it.  The reason is because they are not looking to gain anything personally from it; hence their frustration with the world about them in it not measuring up. This is because they are intensely private people and the realisation they will have to involve themselves is anathema to their “beingness”.  Even the ones who come to public notice can often shy away from publicity-seeking over and above the main issue at hand.

Another interesting facet about this type is their potential leaning to treachery. Their thought processes, and occasional angst, is similar to Golom, from The Lord of the Rings.  Their “ring” – their “precious” – is balance or perfection.  They strive for the impossible – to make the hands on the clock sit forever at 12.  And when it does, they will retire gracefully and immediately.

The same is true in all cases of 2+/2- that they are given towards balance and fairness. Where they do not find it, and especially in cases of what they perceive as outrageous injustice, they really can go over the edge.

They could make excellent spies or politicians because, although “the truth” is at the heart of their whole existence, ironically, they are not averse to lying whenever it is deemed necessary. This can even be self-indulgent to an extent to convince themselves it is necessary for the good of the truth and the achievement of the hands on the clock-face being where they should be – on 12! However, they do not want to be, they do not long to be, they do not intend to stay and, as soon as it is practically possible, they will withdraw from being “the Leader”.  Certainly, they can be at their best as the power behind the throne, a great coach for example, and never do they want the throne and when it is theirs they see it only as “caretaker”!  They just want the throne to behave properly.  They have the propensity to make good law-makers and philosophers.  The desire for balance is the perfect device to bring fairness to bear.  In fact, nothing but nothing can drive these souls over the edge more than injustice and unfairness wherever they may find it.  They strive, behind closed doors, to achieve this great objective.  When they think it is an impossible task, they retreat, never to be heard of again and happy they are with it.  They will gladly live out their days walking on beaches and staring at stars.

They are comfortable with themselves.  This can sometimes convey an air of arrogance or indifference to others about them.  However, nothing could be further from the truth as to how they feel about themselves.  They reveal a very sensitive and self-effacing personality when you get to know them.  They are not quite the occasionally caustic, self-assured, ambitious and aloof creature you see before you.   They don’t even want thanks for anything they might achieve. The equality of the direction of their electromagnetic force field always demands balance and fairness.

The best way I can describe the energy flow of 2+/2- is to imagine yourself being in a boat in the doldrums.  Normally, the doldrums is a colloquial expression for despondency, depression, listlessness and inactivity but that is not what I mean here for, as I will show you, 2+/2- types are mostly anything but.

Like the Doldrums, they give the appearance of calm and balance.  In fact, that is what they aim for and how they would like to be.  Because of the calm, and the desire for calm, when they are disturbed – as we all are from time to time – they erupt into the most outrageous characters of all.  Yet, even in this state, they can just as suddenly return to their normal state of calm.  This trait gives them an air of authority that none of the other four types exude.  They appear so even and balanced that they attract all the other types in equal measure.  However, when they blow, they really blow. Some of the world’s worst despots and, a few who were not considered despots but, at times, acted like they were, have come from this type, e.g. Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein to name but two.

Research has shown that where a leader is selected in any group, more often than not, it is one of these souls who is chosen. Where others ‘take’ power, these usually have it foisted upon them and often through circumstance. Indeed, for a good example of this, it is noteworthy that of the 15 popes elected to the throne of St. Peter, between 1800 and 2005 no less than 10 were this type and, interestingly, none were 0+/4- or 4+/0-.

So how best do you explain the electromagnetic force field operating in them?  The energy flow is equal in its outward and inward movement. They are like tightrope walkers, always correcting themselves against the invisible movement of air that is human interaction all around them.  Like tightrope walkers, they hate to be pushed too far as such an imbalance makes them fall… from grace. This makes them extremely self-effacing.  They can access, absorb and resign themselves to their fate with benign dignity once the rage within has passed. The rage is caused by their inability to bring balance to their position.

They make the most powerful of friends without being intrusive.  Whilst they appear to be friendly, they are, at all times, seemingly aloof.  For the moment you are there, you feel as if you are being treated as their best friend. Yet, the moment you are gone, you feel you are forgotten.  However, you are never forgotten, simply shelved until the next time you are taken out of the box.

They are equally strong and weak.  Once they commit to something it becomes the point from which balance is then sought even if that position is a morally indefensible one.  There is no going back.  They each have their own center of balance.  Some will lean more towards the plus/active/transmitter side of their nature; others to the minus/passive/receiver side.  The majority, though, will be finely balanced between both.  Those who lean predominantly towards the  side will invariably stride towards fame or notoriety whilst those who lean more towards the  will be more observant and unobtrusive in their engagement with others. You will find amongst  types some of the worlds most determined despots and vicious killers but you will also find some of the world’s greatest and most dignified reactionaries in dealing with their perceived ‘injustice’.  So they are a real mixed bag of delights.

They can also Machiavellian in their behaviour. Indeed, Machiavelli is one himself, as was Leonardo DaVinci, lending their type to the accurate sobriquet of ‘polymaths’ or all-rounders.  Devious and cunning in nature is what Machiavelli was remembered for, which is ‘grist to the mill’ of  types.  In every way, their motivational response is to seek peace, harmony and order – in themselves.  The emotional responses of others can easily unbalance them and that leads to their ‘withdrawal’, which makes them appear weak but, in fact, is their strength as they ‘know’ instinctively what is occurring and can easily recognise their inability to triumph over it.  No one will give you more consideration or good counsel than they will. And no one will sharpen your response to the cause of it better than they can.

The whole motivation of  is to give and take in fair and equal measure. They make perfect party hosts and guests, never being excessive in any way and giving ‘glue’ to the rest so that they keep things moving and interesting.  Their demeanor allows others to be whatever they are by influencing them without their knowledge and by not directly ‘controlling’ them.  They will always try to fit in with the circumstances rather than force the circumstances to fit in with them.

This is how the magnetic flow translates into the personality of 2+/2-. This is how equality in their magnetism expresses itself in their personality and the attitude that prevails in what they do. After that, all those other factors of personality that go into making us what we are such as speech, looks, language, education, experience, lifestyle, etc., etc., create a mask that hides us from knowing them or them from knowing us.

In their normal state, they are great ‘supporters’ of causes, ideas and people, and unobtrusively so.  They make great companions and will rarely let you down.  However, if you ask for something that they will not, can not or do not want to give, you may find them caustic.

This makes them ideal backbone material to any enterprise. They are always course-correcting their position to ensure balance. They make good listeners although, sometimes, they may not be good at hearing.  Their placement on the magnetic scale, being center, makes them readily ‘available’ to others.    They are reliable in a way none of the others ever can be because of this demand for equilibrium.

Another important factor to remember is the polarity profile applies to everyone in each type irrespective of background, education, age, cleverness, colour, creed or kind. It is a machine-like, driving, force that is the magnetic force field that delivers a process to our thinking before our thoughts emerge.

It can be compared to the BIOS on a computer. It resides first before the operating system comes into effect. The difference with us human beings is it is aligned to the Earth’s magnetic fields and predetermines our interaction with others.

2 Pluses 2 Minuses

In personal relationships

2+/2-types mix well with all other types for they are the centre of the scales.  They are attractive to all the other types mainly because they appear to never give offence or challenge.  But that is just their diplomatic way.  It is not a good idea to think of them as easy prey.  They treat everyone they meet with the same respect, even their enemies.  So, in their personal relationships, it takes an awful lot for them to turn their back on you. If they do, you will find that even in this they still carry a degree of balance about the situation and will always be open to exchanging views about what made it possible in the first place.  This facility in their make-up could make them great philosophers and psychologists.

They get on well particularly with their own kind because the energy flow is equal.  Sometimes one or the other will enter attack mode and the response will be from the other to draw out their [+] [+] element and strike back. Result – mini Armageddon.  At other times they will both be using their [-] [-] sides mainly and they will just drift along harmlessly going nowhere.  Otherwise they can be expected to remain seemingly placid and imperturbable. 2+/2-  with 2+/2- make a perfect symbiotic match with an equal measure of give and take in their relationship.  They are a ‘Receiver’ [-]  relationship because they do not intentionally cause offence but rather act in a defensive way.  This placid relationship, though magnetically successful, needs the extra transmitter [+] or the extra receiver [-] that the others have.

With 3+/1- they have the greatest success.  The dynamics of the 3+/1- stimulate the 2+/2- to be vibrant in response.  It goes a little overboard when it comes to 4+/0-.  These guys just burn and burn and it becomes tiring for the 2+/2-. They need to retreat for a long period after a foray or two with 4+/0- .  As for 0+/4-, they get on famously and much better with them but only after a fashion as, in time, they need to retreat to restore their two terminal [+] [+] batteries to keep the spark going for it is they who stimulate the return from the 0+/4- types and 0+/4- can absorb any energy they can find.  2+/2- get on particularly well with 1+/3- , with the occasional heated exchange a guarantee. It’s never serious as they are both laconic leaning. I should mention here that the success of all one-to-one relationships appears to hinder on there being one more transmitter between the pair, as is the case here, with the exception of the relationships at the lower ends of the polarity scales.


Some Famous 

Bradley Wiggins – Sportsman

David Radcliffe – Actor

Cheryl Cole – Singer

Tracey Emin – Artist

Tony Blair – Politician

Michael Jordan  – Sportsman

Harrison Ford – Actor
Britney Spears – Singer

Andy Warhol – Artist

Barak Obama – Politician

Anthony Blunt – Spy/Traitor

Cameron Diaz – Actress

Germaine Greer – Academic

George Martin – Music Producer

Jeremy Corbyn – Labour Party Leader

Edward VIII – Monarch