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Please note that there is a popup after 10 seconds on this page. It offers you a completely free copy of Decode Your Relationships. If you click on any of the above blocks before 10 seconds it will not appear. Sorry if it irritates. I know they do myself but I want to offer people a copy of my books by way of an introduction to Astromagnetica. Thank you for your patience.

When the waters in the womb break and, shortly thereafter, a child is born, he/she is instantly tethered to the earth’s magnetic field through magnetite in the brain. This magnetic coding is fixed forever and is one of only 5 (see The Power of Five). They consist of 4 electromagnetic poles of + and ‘ activity, which I call astromagnets. They range from 0+/4- to 1+/3- to 2+/2- to 3+/1- to 4+/0-.

(Note: Our sister website offers more expansive information HowCompatibleAreWe.com )

Magnetically Fated

So,which one are you?

It is due to the fact that magnetic waves, tethering our brains to the Earth’s magnetic field, dictate in us certain behavioural attitudes. It is vital to understand we are NOT talking about personality here.  (If you want to check out personality analysis, you might try these tests at the University of Cambridge). No, we are talking about attitudes, as in the leanings of a person before anything else kicks in, which masks them from view until a crisis exposes them. They are raw, like wood, over which there are layers of paint glossing over them. Think of a new boat that has a built-in leaning to the left. It sees everything from that perspective.

Beyond such ‘attitudes’, over which we have no control, there exists a plethora of variations such as gender, background, upbringing, dna, education, experience and God-only-knows-what-else. It is like a game-show, the luck of the draw, a lottery.

The astromagnets, or transmitters and receivers, can give you the keys to understanding the ‘gearing’ of this situation and, with it, you can command the Earth and not the other way round. Where it really comes to the fore is when there are a number of people gathered together either in a team or group or individually. If the right people are assembled, wonders can happen. If the wrong team are together…well, you can guess. To get this in a simple way have a look at the page A Question of Balance which demonstrates what I mean in a visual way.


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