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Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn


1 Oct 1956 26 May 1949 13 Oct 1925
Libra/Year of the Monkey Gemini/Year of the Buffalo Libra/Year of the Buffalo
3+/1- 3+/1- 1+/3-
Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Margaret Thatcher

May & Corbyn are the same magnetic type but two sides of its behaviour exposing its limitation of being superficial and weak. Corbyn is recognised as being weak but his love of the stage and fronting the audience carries him over as appearing, generally, confident but behind the mask he is actually quiet and introspective. May is also weak but likes to appear strong but, when pushed, her mettle disintegrates and retreats.  In comparison to Thatcher who was outwardly strong, inwardly (Libra) and a hard worker (Buffalo), Corbyn is a hard worker (Buffalo) but is two-faced (Gemini) whilst May is outwardly strong, inwardly weak (Libra) with great retentive powers and can and does play tricks of the mind (Monkey).

Replacement for May?
Boris Johnson 20 June 1964 Gemini/Year of the Dragon  Magnetic Type 3+/1-  (More of the same)
David Davis  23 December 1948 Capricorn/Year of the Rat  Magnetic Type 2+/2-  (Fair leadership but no dynamic)
Amber Rudd 1 August 1963  Leo/Year of the Cat  Magnetic Type 3+/1-   (More of the same)  
Michael Fallon 14 May 1952 Taurus/Year of the Dragon Magnetic Type 2+/2-  (Fair leadership but no dynamic)
Ruth Davidson 10 November 1978 Scorpio/Year of the Horse Magnetic Type 2+/2- (Fair leadership with dynamic)
Michael Gove 26 August 1967 Virgo/Year of the Goat Magnetic Type 1+/3-  Another Thatcher!


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