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How to use

This is to enable you to cut to the chase without having to wade through the many faceted pages of the site. To clarify: How to use is the logical sequence to helping you
1) understand what the astromagnets are all about
2) get to the place where you can find out what your astromagnet code is
3) understanding what affect your code has on you and others and,
4) see a summary of what each type means.

So here we go.

1) Understanding what the astromagnets are all about
The fact is we have a crystal in our brain right next to the pineal gland. It is called magnetite and as its name infers it is a magnet. This ‘magnetic crystal’, only recently discovered,  is clearly there for a purpose. No one knows for sure but it has also been found in other living creatures and it is known to be linked to the earth’s magnetic field by the inherent habits of some of them. That said, I believe it is twofold.

Firstly, it has a biological function in hooking us up to the earth’s moving magnetic field and delivers the timing of our circadian rhythms to the pineal gland so that it can carry out its primary function of producing melatonin to clean the blood. It can only do this when we are asleep and only at night time. Sleeping during daytime does not awaken the pineal gland. Without melatonin we die.  It also inherently directs us geographically.

Secondly, the code is as a result of my observations and the coupling of them with the fact that everything in existence has an opposite in or of itself. Taking that further, I realised that, where birth signs have been determined by common characteristics, there are huge differences, largely unclarified, between males and females in each sign.

To add to that, there are Chinese signs attributed to years of birth that also fail in this regard.  Putting them together and applying the magnetic law of polarity, given that we have magnetite in our brains, I produced a code – seeing a BIOS in humans – made up of the recognisable poles of ‘‘ and ‘‘ (note: these symbols represent male and female propensity and, combining East and West, established there are 4 poles in each of us.  They range from 4 plusses to 4 minuses. They do not mean positive and negative as in an electrical sense to be applied to personality but, instead, are an identifiable symbol of the level and extent of transmitters or receptors within each of us (Army Ranks). One transmits, the other receives. One offers, the other accepts. One pushes, the other pulls. One speaks, the other listens. One is dynamic, the other is laid back. Yin and Yang.

There are only 5 magnetic types of behaviour and no one is better or worse than another. Above this basic magnetic factor, which ingrains each of us with a given blueprint for existence that informs all that we do and are, each of us is smothered by our individual personal variations such as experience, place of birth, upbringing, natural talents and a multitude of other factors. But, all of that is layered over what cannot be changed in us – our magnetic bearing – and this is the result of the bearing of our astromagnets.  (Note: Anyone out there who is LGBT please get in touch with your findings). There are millions of combinations but there are only 15 one-to-one relations from which all else devolves. You can click here to see a scales of one-to-one relationships

2) How to get to the place where you can find find out what your astromagnetic code is
Well, the first thing you need is your date of birth and, together with your gender, you can easily assess your astromagnetic code,as you can for others, too.  You can do it yourself but it may take you a little time to get up to speed (I can do it in my head for most) or you can CLICK HERE

3) What affect your code has on you and others
A good way of understanding this is to look at the lists of famous people and see their astromagnets and their motis operandi or manoeuverings, which you will have gleaned from what you know of them.  It is particularly powerful in group situations.  If you were in a room of say 5 people and 4 of them happened to be 3+/1- type and you were 1+/3- type you would be completely overwhelmed because they would dominate the conversation, ideas and activities and, no matter how clever you are, you wouldn’t be able to get a word in edge-ways.

4) Summary of what each type means
Get straight to it and see how you match with others on this page.  Additionally, you can click here and see a page with a summary of each type of behaviour patterns in a working environment If you have your own astromagnets code available to you, you can see which group you belong to and how you are seen, as they are. You can see a free book on the subject here as well.

Here are a few examples…
A male born 5 August 1975 is a Leo in the Year of the Cat. He would be 1+/3- type (i.e. Leo male and Cat male  ). A female born on the same date would be type (i.e. Leo female and Cat  ).  Another example: a male born 10 April 1984 is an Aries in the Year of the Rat. He would be   type (i.e. Aries male   and Rat male is   also). A female on the same day would be  type (i.e. Aries female  and Rat female  ).

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