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  • Jan 21 – Jan 31 Birthdays & Starcodes

    Aquarius Males 2+ Females 1+/1- Rasputin 21/1/1869 Year of the Dragon  3+/1- Lord Byron 22/1/1788 Year of the Horse  4+/0- Strindberg 22/1/1849 Year of the Monkey  3+/1- Sam Cooke 22/1/1931 Year of the Horse  4+/0- Edouard Manet 23/1/1832 Year of the Cat  2+/2- Rutgar Hauer 23/1/1944 Year of the Goat  2+/2- Robert Burns 25/1/1759 Year of the Cat  2+/2- Somerset Maugham 25/1/1874 Year of the Dog  4+/0- Virginia Woolf 25/1/1882 Year of the Horse  2+/2- Douglas MacArthur 26/1/1880 Year of the Dragon  3+/1- Jerome Kern 27/1/1885 Year of the Monkey 3+/1- Wolfgang Mozart 27/1/1756 Year of the Pig  2+/2- Lewis Carroll  27/1/1832 Year of the Cat  2+/2- Arthur Rubinstein 28/1/1887…

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  • Astrology Articles

    Astrology & Psychic

    Psychic is a term used in the field of parapsychology which refer to the ability to perceive the things that is hidden to ordinary senses through means of extra-sensory perception, or though the use of other techniques such as cold reading,prestidigitation and a lot more. While the term astrology is define as the study of the relationships between people and events on earth, and the cycles, movement of the planets and how they influence the live of peoples. This parapsychology and astronomical matters affects our daily lives in the way it influence the beliefs of many from generation until now. It also depicts the life of a person, events and…

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  • Astrology Articles

    Finding a Free Astrology Reading Online

    We see offers on the net for a free astrology reading. Is it really free? Can you learn about your chart and find out more regarding your romance, career or financial future? Yes there are no cost offers and it is a good way to test an astrologer or psychic to see if you are compatible. Compatibility is important and you don’t want to feel tension with an advisor. Not just psychics and astrologers but also professionals such as lawyers and therapists will often give an initial free session to draw business and give a sample of their work. This is a great way to build up a relationship and…

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  • Astrology Articles

    Compatibility or Synergy Astrology

    These can be determined by comparing a companion’s horoscope with your own natal chart. In doing a comparison, first notice whether your companion has a predominance of planets in one of the elements, more than four planets in one element. In general, people are more likely to be compatible with each other when their natal planets fall into compatible elements. The compatible elements are fire with air, earth with water. That means if you have a predominance of natal planets in the fire signs, you are more likely to have a compatible relationship with someone who has a predominance of natal planets in the air signs. If your companion’s planets…

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  • Astrology Articles

    Basic Understanding of Astrological Horoscopes

    Astrology existed since time began. Through the study of the planets and signs of the zodiac your future can be forecasted and an understanding of your real self can be known. This is commonly known as horoscopes At your exact time of birth all the planets, the moon and sun are in a certain pattern, this can be thought of as a birth chart or natal chart and can be used to discover your personality and pathway. Some see this chart as an interpretation of the life that is to be lived before you and the challenges that you will have to overcome. As your main reason for your existence…

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