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Trump V’s Pelosi

The President, Donald Trump, is a Gemini in the year of the Dog and as such is 4+ astromagnetic type. He has promised there will be a wall built across the border with Mexico to prevent further illegal intrusions into America.  However, he now faces a stumbling block. It is that the lower house, the House of Representatives, is no longer in the majority of his Republican Party. It lost its majority to the Democrats who have just taken over control.

The leader of the Democratic Party and House of Representatives speaker is one, Nancy Pelosi. She, and the party, are completely opposed to Donald Trump as a President but, more importantly, to his wall. Pelosi is an Aries in the year of the Dragon and she too is therefore – and to my mind ‘delectibly’ – a 4+ astromagnetic type.  She is no less bull-headed, uni-directional, strong-minded and a will never give in type as the Donald himself.

What a contest we have in prospect.

Over the lead-up and through the Christmas period, there has been a crisis whereby the Representatives , pushed by the Democrats, refused to accommodate the wishes of the President to cover the costs of the Wall. This stalemate meant many government building were in shutdown and wages were not being paid. Pelosi and the and House have now passed a bill enabling the reopening and salary payments of the government departments BUT will not include and have not included the costs of the Wall.  The Senate, which is Republican, will now reject Pelosi’s budget until they accept the costs of the wall.

Here is what I think will happen. Nothing!  They will remain head to head until one of them is either seriously ill, dead or defeated by a greater outside force over which one or other of them can do nothing about.

This is a classic proving case of the veracity of Astromagnetica.click. Two people of 4+ cannot give in to each other.

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