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The Four Horsemen


26 Mar 1941 13 Apr 1949 28 Mar 1942 9 Apr 1967
Aries/Year of the Snake Aries/Year of the Buffalo Aries/Year of the Horse Aries/Year of the Goat
2+/2- 2+/2- 3+/1- 1+/3-
 Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens Daniel Dennett Sam Harris

The Four Horsemen is the title of a discussion group they formed and recorded on Youtube in 2007 – see below for reference. These men are some of the leading scientific and philosophical minds of our time, and I have long been an admirer.  However, it would be fair to suggest that they would baulk at what I propose in astromagnetica. There is justifiable reason for this: it needs proving. To that end, it needs lots and lots more data. That is why, despite the collection of information I have gathered so far that would indicate its veracity, it requires a great deal more inquiry.

Having said that, there are some sound, though obvious, observations that can be made immediately. Firstly, all four of these gentlemen have the same astrological birthsign – Aries. Aries males are -/+ (i.e. – in the plus group), the females are +/+. Two of the above are 2+/2- types, they always seek balance. One of the four, Dennett, is a 3+/1- type. These guys are lovers of the stage after which they retire to quiet introspection. The fourth of the group, Harris, is a 1+/3- type.  They are all about the self; they are introverted in thought and restfully respectful of those around them. More of that later. First let me point out one big fact. As with all Aries males, they are clipped, precise, self-assured, pin-pointed-perfectionistic, sharp, caustic,…..   However, – big however – as you look at them, these astrological characteristics appear to apply only to the 2+/2- types of the group in their discussions with each other. I can assure you, when off camera, on a personal level, the other two will be just the same, only mollified by the ‘astromagnetic’ effect of the characteristics found in their year of birth.


Now, frankly, I would fully expect them to say “rubbish” for that is the nature of the beast. It’s common for Aries people to see astrology as hogwash possibly because it cannot abide not being flattered. I would agree with them if they just meant ‘horoscopes’ for that is really true but not for ‘characteristics’, which I do believe is definitely a true aspect about astrology. Arians, are full of themselves with a smoking disposition to uncertainty. That makes them ‘nice’, full-on unto the brink. They seek the best.  And there’s a reason for this: the male Aries can never be 4+ or 4-. They range from 3+/1- to 1+/3- or three types in all. The females, on the other hand can be 4+ and range from 4+ to 2+/2-; they can never be 1+/3- or 4- types. It is this ‘positive’ range, and the fact that they are the babies (I want; me first) of the solar scope, that makes them so enthralling. When they smile, the room lights up; when the cry, the room darkens. It doesn’t matter which astromagnetic type they are.

These are the babies of the universe. They need to know why, how, where and what is it all about, within their own shell?

So, leaving that aside, what we have in the four horsemen here is the interaction of 2+/2- x 2 with 1 x 1+/3- and 1 x 3+/1-. For an understanding of the individual inter-relationships check out other areas of the site.  For this page, we have 16 polarity points (i.e. 4 people carrying 4 EMF poles) of which 8 are plus and 8 are minus, i.e. 8+/8- a perfect balance as a group.  That is the reason why they appear to present a generous, indulgent, adult interactivity because they are comfortable with their individual selves in a balanced environment. This group could solve the riddle of the Sphinx if they had a mind to because of the balance. Dennett and Harris in their one-to-one relationship toward each other are a 7+/- on the scales and are perfect/imperfect balance. Dawkins and Hitchins are 5- toward each other on the scales and are perfectly balanced together. Dennett and either one of Dawkins or Hitchins make a dynamic and successful 6+ as the 3+/1- ignites the others’ thoughts, which they love.  It’s really as good as it gets. Harris and either one of Dawkins or Hitchins will be a 4- as the latter will dampen rather than excite the thoughts of the other two but this comfort will enable them to quietly move their thoughts forward.

To put this into relief, imagine if I threw a 4+ type into their company, there would be chaos between them. Let me find one in my mind? Donald Trump? He’s one! Or David Cameron? This big personality type know only one way – forward! Such people hold court and would dissolve the efficacy of the Four Horsemen.

By way of a postscript, let me say I was intrigued to hear Professor Dawkins reflect on dimensional space, saying “you don’t have to see it, to visual 15 dimensional space”. Interestingly, that is the exact same number as the possibility of 1 to 1 human relationships through magnetic attraction. I would suggest, you don’t have to know it, to experience 15 one to one relationship dimensions.

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