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Is this proof humans are computerised like any other 4-bit code


Are we humans digitized like any other code in a computer making it possible this world we live in is actually a computer?  But beware!. I, for one, am afraid even to to reveal it. In the wrong hands or used in the wrong way, we will be in hell.

When I saw the table above after I compared binary code with my observational magnetic code, I was astonished at what I was looking at.  I have spent many years working on the astromagnetic code based on simple observation and the application of the law of duality. Duality is basically recognising that everything has an opposite in or of itself. On that basis, I simply took the 12 signs of the zodiac, applied positive/male sybolism (+) followed by negative/female sybolism (-) to the signs. That produced two groups – one was a plus group the other a minus group.  After that I applied the same simple calculation to the two separate blocks of plus and minus always referencing the law duality and opposites.

For example, I started with Aries (recognised as the first sign of the zodiac, the baby sign) and appointed it with plus. By the law of duality the next sign becomes minus and the next plus and so on. I then had 6 signs in plus and 6 signs in minus. Then I split each group again into positive and negative depending on male or female energy always following the rule that plus follows minus and vice versa. For example, Aries is the first sign and therefore the female who is naturally minus becomes, in that sign, a plus and the male who is usually a plus, becomes, in that sign, a minus. The next sign in that group is Gemini and the positive/negative indicators switch so that the male remains plus and the female remains minus. The next sign in that group, Leo, becomes opposite to that and is like Aries and so on.  I did the same to the minus group starting with Taurus where the male is plus (starting from the minus group heading – always the opposite, remember) and the female is minus; the next sign, Cancer becomes opposite to that where the male is minus and female plus and so on.

I followed this pattern, applying it to the 12 signs of the Chinese years. In the end, you have four polarity points of plus (+) and minus (-) energy dpending on you position on the tables. From this I created the Scales of Electromagnetic Relationships (SER table) as below. This I did without reference to the binary tables or any other code other than my experience and intuition, observation and common sense. On the other hand, Binary is the system that is made up of only two numbers: 0 and 1. They are like switches. 0 is for off and l is for on. You then add the values beneath those switches. This number system is the basis for all binary code, which is used to write data such as the computer processor instructions used every day.

I was astonished at the similarity when I compared the magnetic polarity to the binary tables, even to the point of one-to-one opposites. All were the same. It hardly seems credible. The 4-bit binary code works like this: working from right to left, each digit has a value when it is ‘on’ (i.e. l instead of O). The values are 8,4,2,1, from left to right. So, if say the binary code was l O l l that would be equal to 11 as 8+O+2+1. And there are 16 possiblities ranging from O to 15. The Soulmate code is exactly the same with 16 possibilities ranging from O to 15 and are the same in the same places and exactly similar to the binary codes.

For example, 15 in Binary is l l l l or 8+4+3+1 which is the 16th number while the polar opposite is OOOO = 0+0+0+0 or 0 in binary. In Soulmate code, l l l l = + + + + (4+/0-) which is the 16th expression whilst OOOO = – – – – (0+/4-) which is the 1st expression. Given, that the soulmate code was completely novel and without reference to anything other than astrological birth sign dates, it is simply miraculous if it is without purpose but our digital world is powered by this. Numbers are numbers as in binary but emotional beings are another thing…or are they? Are we just 4-bit elements in a giant computer? When we link to another person, do we become 8-bits, with two people, 12-bits or with crowds or even a nation, multiple bits of interaction with each other or with others of the same size?

What’s so incredible aout the above is that it is exactly the same on the Scales of Electromagnetic Relationships

Scales of RelationshipsAnd this table was created out of logic and consideration with absolutely no thought whatsoever of the coincidence with the Binary code!



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