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Plus-Minus System

Here’s a simple way at looking and understanding the plus-minus system. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about minuses. It DOES NOT mean ‘negative’. It means ‘energy inward’ just as pluses do not mean ‘positive’ but simply ‘energy outward’.

As you will understand, the plus-minus system is based on the law of duality and contains only 5 types of magnetic behaviour. These are the 5 magnetic types

4+/0- (4 plusses and 0 minuses)  IN FACT this means ‘heavy weak’  (They appear as Spanish bull but are are the opposite)

3+/1- (3 plusses and 1 minus)       IN FACT this means ‘weak’ . (They appear as ‘screen stars’ but really it’s just a performance)

2+/2- (2 plusses and 2 minuses)  IN FACT  this means balanced ‘strong/weak’  (They appear fully aloof or fully social from situation to situation)

1+/3- (1 plus and 3 minuses)         IN FACT this means ‘strong’  (They appear as sleeping lions but are are apt to eat you)

0+/4- (0 plusses and 4 minuses)  IN FACT this means ‘heavy strong’  (They appear as cuddly bear but are the opposite)

And as you can see from the above, as with yin/yang the opposite is what you get to what you see.


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