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There are only 5 types of human being according to the magnetic code. They consist of 4 electromagnetic poles of + and activity. They range from 0+/4- to 1+/3- to 2+/2- to 3+/1 to 4+/0-.

It is due to the fact that magnetic waves, tethering our brains to the Earth’s magnetic field, dictate certain behavioural attitudes.

Beyond such ‘attitudes’, over which we have no control, there exists a plethora of variations such as gender, background, upbringing, dna, education, experience and God-only-knows-what-else. It is like a game-show, the luck of the draw, a lottery.

One thing is for certain; each and every one of us is given a raw talent, which is surrounded by shackles. No matter who you are, what you’ve got, whatever you’ve achieved, wherever you’ve come from or wherever you’re going, your ‘talent’ will be spoiled by your shackles and, invariably, they deny you the complete joy of the exposure of your talent.

Maybe your talent is, for example, attracting money. Everything you do in your life is easy when it comes to money. You have it as and when you want or need it. You can command it like a magic wand. You have no problem setting up businesses and companies, money just flows in. You couldn’t have it better when it comes to money.  The shackles might be your relationships. They might be disastrous. Your partner might be loose and wayward or dismissive of you, your children despise you, your parents think you are a disastrous oaf or maybe you can’t have the kind of relationships you desire despite having all the money or power in the world.  Worse, maybe the love of your life has died prematurely and no amount of your world or power can compensate for the loss.

Talents and shackles. What’s yours? The plus/minus system, or transmitters and receivers, can give you the keys to understanding the ‘gearing’ of this horror and with it you can command the Earth and not the other way round. And if you think you are not an electrical field with magnetite in your brain connecting you to the Earth’s magnetic field, think again and take a look at this……..





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