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The five magnetic codes and types can be seen in the ranks in the army


GENERALS         – They only give orders.  4+/0-
COLONELS         – They receive orders only from GENERALS and give orders to MAJORS, CAPTAINS & LIEUTENANTS.   3+/1-
MAJORS.             – They receive orders from COLONELS & GENERALS and give orders to CAPTAINS & LIEUTENANTS.  2+/2-
CAPTAINS.          – They receive orders from MAJORS, COLONELS & GENERALS and give orders to LIEUTENANTS.        1+/3-
LIEUTENANTS  – They only receive orders.  0+/4-


GENERALS         – only transmitters
COLONELS         – one part receiver, 3 parts transmitters   3+/1-
MAJORS.             – 2 parts receivers, 2 parts transmitters    2+/2-
CAPTAINS.          – 3 parts receivers, one part transmitter   1+/3-
LIEUTENANTS  – only receivers  0+/4-

LIEUTENANTS use their ‘receivers’ to convey orders to all others so that everyone in the RANK & FILE knows what they’re doing and acting on it.