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See Plus/Minus in Another Light

If you’re finding it a little difficult to get your head round the concept or even if you do fully understand what the system is imparting about our existence, here is another way to see the plus/minus system in a clearer and simpler instructional light that you can apply in your daily dealings with the rest of us.

The more plusses, the lighter the aim of the individual, the more minuses, the heavier the individual.  So,

People who are...Are outwardly...Are Inwardly...Make...
3+LightHeavyGreat Promoters
1+HeavyLightGreat Facilitators
4+Super LightSuper HeavyGreat Champions
4-Super HeavySuper LightGreat Thinkers
2+/2-Equally Light & HeavyEqually Light & HeavyGreat Manipulators

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