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5 Types – 5 Personality Behaviour Blueprints

I have often been asked is a minus, bad or a plus, good. Is 1+/3- bad or worse than 3+/1- and so on. And the truth is that there is no bad and no good. One is the opposite of the other. One transmits (+) and one receives (-). And as the old song says: “you can’t have one without the other”. Each is equally powerful in its own way. It’s a thing called duality. Everything has an opposite in or of itself. However, people also ask me to define the different types by personality behaviour. This is difficult because the plus/Minus system is there before personality emerges. It is the fixed blueprint of your existence. Unchangeable, it can be hidden but it can’t be prevented from underpinning your behaviour. That said, there are some traits that can be applied or observed as inherent or emerging from the code. And here they are as described by the five elements of chinese astrology…

4+/0- Types

Dynamic, energetic, passionate, enterprising, adventurous, restless, competitive, leadership skills, strong, single-mindedness, loves a good laugh.

3+/1- Types

Generous, warm, persuasive, co-operative, seeks to expand and grow, idealistic, ethical, enthusiastic, seeks to explore.

2+/2- Types

Diplomatic, charming, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, creative, flexible, compliant, good communicator, intellectual.

1+/3- Types

Determined, self-reliant, unyielding, strong, persistent, forceful, reserved, needs personal space, sophisticated, seeks pleasure.

0+/4- Types

Patient, prudent, stable, reliable, hard-working, ambitious, disciplined, logical, governed by service and duty to others.

Strange, then, they should be perfectly aligned with Fire (South), Wood (East), Water (North), Metal (West), and Earth (Centre).

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