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Do you use online Dating Applications or websites?  How often have you been bitterly disappointed by your date being completely wrong for you? Personality is one thing but we all present our best when we meet someone new. So, what if you knew what is behind the mask?  Wouldn’t that give you a complete advantage even BEFORE you decide to date?

We are all driven by a magnetic code because we have magnetite in our brain which ties us to the Earth’s magnetic field (EMF).  Just as you understand how battery terminals work i.e. needs  and  needs rather like transmitters and receivers, the magnetic code is the same, except there are 4 terminals instead of 2. These are based on your date and year of birth and whether you are a male or a female.  As you will see from this website, there are only 5 sets of terminals or, rather, behavioural patterns in the human being and their interaction is the undercarriage of a great or poor relationship. For example, can you imagine what would happen if you put two people together who were both?  Murder! There’s no inlet valve for an ‘interactive’ relationship.  Mind you, I would imagine base sex would be riveting. After that, hell on the loose. But, if that’s what you want, then don’t let me stop you. Click Here to GET YOUR SOULMATE CODE

Check out the “Relationships Scales” link on the Astrotypes menu link at the top of the page and you will see a full one-to-one scale of relationships based on the codes and the electromagnetic fields.  The nearer to 7 the more powerful the attraction but, at 7, it can be both attraction and detraction at the same time as they are at the point of change.

When you know what your code is you can then pick others most suitable for you as your basis for the next stage. For whatever their personality might provide or your experience of them may be at the first acquaintance, you will ‘know’ their guaranteed level of attraction to, and for, you.

And, please, will you tell us if we are right or wrong by entering your birth date below and your dating partner’s birth date and whether it was Y or N.  No record is kept of either you or them – it is purely data.

My relationship experience

  • Click on above link in red to get your EMF codes


Good luck!

Ardo Ci


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