Are we just elements of a supercomputer?

The plus minus system came about through the clear identification of recognisable characteristics over which we have no control or can change even if we want to. They are ‘stamped’ into our brain linking magnetite to the earth’s magnetic field. As the identification of the magnetic code I have used the age-old icons of [+] for Transmitter energy or positive charge and [-] for Receptive or negative charge. I allowed it not to be concerned with the placement of the 4 polarities which it contains because it is of no importance.

That said, let me offer you a surprising use of the system as a theory that may frighten you.

If I translate the code from [+] and [-] into [1] and [0], as it is in computer language, we can see the following data codes

4+ = 1111
4- = 0000
3+ = 1110 or 1101 or 1011 or 0111
3- = 0001 or 0010 or 0100 or 1000
2+ = 1100 or 1010 or 1001 or 0101 or 0011

Now, if should we apply a fixed application of astrological month/gender+Chinese year/gender, we can interpret a person’s code from their birth date.

Here’s some examples;

5 Feb 1954   Male     =  Aquarius/Horse  = 1111
15 May 1981 Female  = Taurus/Rooster  = 0000
10 June 1980 Female = Gemini/Monkey = 1011
10 June 1980 Male =  Gemini/Monkey = 1110
3 Sept 1996 Female = Virgo/Rat = 0011

These groups of four are known as nybles in computer terms. There are 16 potential nybles.

So, when two people come together as in, say from the above list, Aquarius/Horse and Gemini/Monkey the code would be 11111011. What do you see? 8 bits making 1 byte and, in that, we are talking about computers and digitalisation as this represents a unit of memory size. If we remain solo we are a nyble but when we join with another we become a byte and so, our contributing is more powerful.

It would appear we, humans, are digitised and the question begs to be answered as to why?

Are we humans simply nybles forming bytes in a massive computer called Earth?