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  • Astrology

    Astrology, Character & Proof

    In 45 B.C. Julius Caesar ordered a calendar to be based on a solar year. So named after him, the Julian calendar started on 1 January and consisted of 365 days for three years and 366 days for one year just as it is today. The Roman Empire fell in the 5th century and due to religious christian fervour following festivals’ dates, the new year went back to what it had once been starting from 25th March. By the middle ages it became clear that the Julian calendar with its leap-year formula had over compensated by one day every 128 years. It ignored this until 1582 when seasonal equinoxes were…

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  • Origins of Astrology

    The Babylonians are generally acknowledged to have originated the practice and science of astrology. Their astrological charts enabled them to predict the recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events. So, in the beginning and for more than 2,000 years, astrology and astronomy were the same science. Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks early in the 4th century BCE and, through the studies of Plato, Aristotle, and others, astrology came to be highly regarded as a science. It was soon embraced by the Romans (the Roman names for the zodiacal signs are still used today) and the Arabs and later spread throughout the entire world. While earliest astrology was used…

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  • Feb 1 – Feb 9 Birthdays and Starcodes

    Aquarius Males 2+ Females 1+/1- John Ford 1/2/1894 Year of the Snake  3+/1- Clark Gable 1/2/1901 Year of the Rat  3+/1- James Joyce 2/2/1882 Year of the Snake  3+/1- Talleyrand 2/2/1754 Year of the Dog  4+/0- Graham Nash 2/2/1942 Year of the Snake  3+/1- Gertrude Stein 3/2/1884 Year of the Rooster  1+/3- Dave Davies 3/2/1947 Year of the Pig  2+/2- Mendelssohn 3/2/1809 Year of the Dragon  4+/0- Norman Rockwell 3/2/1894 Year of the Snake  3+/1- Dan Quayle 4/2/1947 Year of the Dog  4+/0- Rosa Parks 4/2/1913 Year of the Rat  3+/1- Charles Lindbergh 4/2/1902 Year of the Buffalo  3+/1- Alice Cooper 5/2/1948 Year of the Pig  2+/2- William Burroughs 5/2/1914 Year of the Tiger  4+/0- Babe Ruth 6/2/1895 Year of the Goat  2+/2- Bob Marley 6/2/1945 Year of the Monkey  3+/1- Natalie Cole 6/2/1950 Year of the Buffalo  1+/3-…

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  • Jan 21 – Jan 31 Birthdays & Starcodes

    Aquarius Males 2+ Females 1+/1- Rasputin 21/1/1869 Year of the Dragon  3+/1- Lord Byron 22/1/1788 Year of the Horse  4+/0- Strindberg 22/1/1849 Year of the Monkey  3+/1- Sam Cooke 22/1/1931 Year of the Horse  4+/0- Edouard Manet 23/1/1832 Year of the Cat  2+/2- Rutgar Hauer 23/1/1944 Year of the Goat  2+/2- Robert Burns 25/1/1759 Year of the Cat  2+/2- Somerset Maugham 25/1/1874 Year of the Dog  4+/0- Virginia Woolf 25/1/1882 Year of the Horse  2+/2- Douglas MacArthur 26/1/1880 Year of the Dragon  3+/1- Jerome Kern 27/1/1885 Year of the Monkey 3+/1- Wolfgang Mozart 27/1/1756 Year of the Pig  2+/2- Lewis Carroll  27/1/1832 Year of the Cat  2+/2- Arthur Rubinstein 28/1/1887…

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