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LGBTQ+/- Your EMF is?

Please note: The purpose is to help determine whether a person of this community however they may identify themselves realise their EMF as male or female. The two possibilities listed are sometimes the same and so it is to those who have different EMF types I would appreciate your consideration of what the codes tell you and which of them is the most accurate. Irrespective of whether or not you are a male or a female by birth or thereafter if you now identify as a male look to the Male Gender type and if as a female look to the Female Gender type and compare the two. I believe this will reveal your true nature imprint as per your date of birth.

Eddie Izzard7/2/1962AquariusTiger4+/0-2+/2-
Peter Tatchell25/1/1952AquariusCat/Rabbit2+/2-2+/2-
Kelly Maloney23/1/1953AquariusDragon3+/1-3+/1-
Alan Carr14/6/1976GeminiDragon3+/1-3+/1-
Oscar Wilde16/10/1854LibraTiger4+/0-2+/2-
Drew Barrymore22/2/1975PiscesCat/Rabbit0+/4-2+/2-
Tim Cooke1/11/1960ScorpioRat1+/3-3+/1-
Colin Bone/Celia McLeod1/7/1946CancerDog2+/2-2+/2-
Quentin Crisp25/12/1908CapricornMonkey2+/2-2+/2-
Alan Turing23/6/1912CancerRat1+/3-3+/1-
Edith Windsor20/6/1929GeminiSnake3+/1-1+/3-
Gilbert Baker2/6/1951GeminiCat/Rabbit2+/2-2+/2-
Maureen Colquhoun12/8/1928LeoDragon2+/2-4+/0-
Chris Smith MP24/7/1951LeoCat/Rabbit1+/3-3+/1-
Justin Fashanu19/2/1961PiscesOx/Buffalo1+/3-2+/2-
Elton John25/3/1947AriesPig1+/3-3+/1-
Marsha P Johnson24/8/1945VirgoRooster2+/2-0+/4-
Harvey Milk22/5/1930TaurusHorse3+/1-1+/3-
Sam Smith19/5/1992TaurusMonkey2+/2-2+/2-
Freddie Mercury5/9/1946VirgoDog3+/1-1+/3-
Laverna Cox29/5/1972Taurus Rat2+/2-2+/2-
Ellen DeGeneres26/1/1958AquariusRooster3+/1-1+/3-
Portia Rossi31/1/1973AquariusRat3+/1-3+/1-
Sara Ramirez31/8/1975VirgoCat/Rabbit1+/3-1+/3-