Your Body Knows Best

In this video, ‘Body power: The Secret of Self Healing‘, Dr. Vernon Coleman explains the fantastic power of the human body to better protect and heal itself than any medicine, which is something I have always, instinctively, felt. Listen to ‘the old man in a chair’ explain, very simply, how your body repels invaders and viruses and repairs damages to itself but please take especial note at 8.43 where her says:

We now find that the traditional divide between the conscious and the unconsious mind can no longer be drawn with any accuracy. We know that messages are transmitted within the brain by electrical activity and by a complex network of chemical messengers, which are far more bewildering than our predecessors ever imagined. We know the brain contains pain-relieving hormones and, although we don’t understand why, we know that it can be effected by magnetic storms!

It is also the reason why we have a now recognizable magnetic field of four polarities.