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Patterns of Political Persuasion

In my endeavours to explain and deliver my concept that, as a result of the Earths’s magnetic field, we humans are affected by it to the extent it underpins our basic behaviour. Irrespective of all other influences, my conjecture is that at the time of birth when the water breaks in the womb we are immediately stamped by the magnetic field with one of five types of configuration. They are unchangeable and surreptitiously influence all that we are and do with the whole of our lives.

To that end, I have written several books and created a number of websites, which I list below for further reference. But something interesting has come to my attention. I was listing the people who have been Taoiseach (prime minister) of the Irish Republic since its inception and I was struck by what I saw.

Between the years 1954 – 1982 there were 6 consecutive Taoiseacha and they were all (2+/2-) magnetic types. And, then, between 1992 – 2017 there were 5 consecutive Taoiseacha and they were all (1+/3-) magnetic types.

Before your head spins ‘wondering what the heck?’ let me explain the meaning of 2+/2- or 1+/3-. There are only 5 types of magnetic field. They consist of 0+/4- 1+/3- 2+/2- 3+/1- 4+/0- and each one is based on your date of birth. To establish what type you are I suggest you visit one of my websites and use the checker. But, for now, here is an expression of what each type excerts in behaviour:- 0+/4- Embracing 1+/3- Purposeful 2+/2- Manipulating (of/by) 3+/1- Breezy 4+/0- Dictating And to be fair these are the chances of being born as any one of the five types:- 0+/4- 6.25% 1+/3- 25.0% 2+/2- 37.5% 3+/1- 25.0% 4+/0- 6.25%

To give you a little more perspective, the leading Irish protagonists in the war of independence were Devalera, Collins and Carson. And they were all 4+/0- magnetic types. Utterly remarkable – as in 4 Donald Trumps! In the table of Taoiseacha, only Devalera was a 4+/0- type and there has never been a 0+/4- type.

It’s true that all have been born as you might expect in different months and years and, as a result, have different astrological personalities but their bearing is fundamental to being one of the 5 magnetic types. And so, it would appear to me to be not coincidental that in two separately long periods of national life that Ireland was led by 2+/2- types (Manipulating) for one and 1+/3- types (Purposeful) for the other.

In period one from 1954 – 1982 Ireland was poor and struggling to find its place in the world. Whereas in period two from 1992 – 2017 it was riding the crest of the wave from the Celtic TIger days to huge economic expansion and a place on the European and US Stage.

There were three intervention spots. Firstly, the beginning 1922 -1932 W.T. Cosgrave was Taoiseach 3+/1- type followed by an extraordinary leadership period whereby Devalera 4+/0- type (Dictating) held power from 1932 to 1954 and briefly from 1957 – 1959). From then on, it was 2+/2- types (Manipulating) all the way until for one brief period when another 3+/1- type (Breezy) Garret Fitzgerald came along in the 1980’s to challenge Charlie Haughey. After that the second period began whereby there were 5 consecutive Taoiseacha who were all 1+/3- types (Purposeful) until in 2017 Leo Veradkar – another 3+/1- type (Breezy) – came along and broke the line.

I know this is very bamboozling to get your head around the content to realise its significance but I am writing this as an appeal to the future for understanding of its importance. We, as individuals, are under the influence of magnetic behaviour but we are also collectively influencing, by magnetic selection, what we want to represent or rule over us at different times in our history.

To that end, I am correlating this with a similiar examination of British Prime Ministers and American Presidents. Here’s a fillip to tickle your fancy, if you’re interested. Most of the US presidents in the first 150 years of the formation of the United States were 0+/4- (Embracing) magnetic types. There have been none since!

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