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Most Vile Murderers are 2+/2- Magnetic Types

Yes, quite something 2+/2- magnetic types are ‘manipulators’ so if they go rogue they have the potential to be the most vile murderers of all. That does NOT mean ALL vile murderers are this type but there are more of them the others and the magnetic field is the reason why.

UNLIKE THEM, for example, the Yorkshire Ripper in England, Peter Sutcliffe, born 2nd June 1946, is Gemini (two-faced) Year of the Dog (amongst which there are many killers), which is 4+/0-. Another is Ted Bundy born 29/11/46 Sagittarius Year of the Dog, which is 3+/1-.

So, here’s just a few of some of the most vile murderers in hstory who are 2+/2- magnetic types.

1. Rose West 29/11/53 Snake 2+/2-
2. Wayne Couzens 20/12/72 Rat 2+/2-
3. Denis Nilsen 23/11/45 Rooster 2+/2-
4. Edward Kemper 18/12/48 Rat 2+/2-
5. Jake Bird 14/12/01 Ox 2+/2-
6. Billy Chemirmir 8/12/72 Rat 2+/2-
7. Larry Eyler 21/12/52 Dragon 2+/2-
Put that into context. 2+/2- magnetic types are ‘Manipulators’.  See how this fits with you in purviewing politicians: Hopeless Hitler, George Bush Jnr., Blair, Sadam, Pol Pot, Richard Nixon, Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Merkel and Macron.  They can be great, the best even, but they can also be the worst. They play the game but they do not suffer fools gladly. And we are all fools in their eyes.
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