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Life and Death – Everything has an opposite

What started this for me was when my father recounted that in the early 1960’s on the night his brother-in-law who was only in his twenties died from cancer, he came to my father and mother’s bedroom and true as life said to my father: Tell Mary not to worry for me. All is well” and with that disappeared.  In the 1980”s my mother too finally had to succumb to the grim reaper. Realising there was little more they could do for her, I took her home where I could care for her in her final days. When I tell you she was very heavily set woman of 70 years of age whose moverment was severely incapacited by her illness, I mean she could not mover anything but her arms. On the final day I was climbing the stairs to her bedroom. The door was open and she was lying withe her feet towards me. As I called out to my wife that my mum would lover her favourite coffee made with milk, to my astonishement she sat up unaided into an L-shaped position facing me, eyes wide open, arms outstretched as if she was being pulled up, and calling out the name of my dad. Sit flat on your back on the floor (a soft bed would be even better for difficulty) and after a short while, see if you can sit up to an L-shaped position without lifting your legs.

Dr. Peter Fenwick is a neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist who is known for his studies of end of life phenomena, including near-death experiences and deathbed visions of the dying person, as well as the experiences of hospice and palliative care workers and relatives of dying people. Dr. Fenwick believes that consciousness may be independent of the brain and so able to survive the death of the brain, a theory which has divided the scientific community. The “problem with death” is deeply rooted in our culture and the social organization of death rituals. Fenwick believes that with serious engagement and through further investigation of these phenomena, he can help change attitudes so that we in the West can face up to death, and embrace it as a significant and sacred part of life. We have become used to believing that we have to shield each other from the idea of death. Fear of death means we view it as something to be fought every step of the way. Dr. Fenwick’s YouTube Channel:    / @peterfenwick3768  

My brother just died of a long and protracted battle with cancer. Stoic and brave to the end he fought the grim reaper right up to the final moment. During the process he would sharply awaken from the throes and eyes wide awake ask me could I see our pre-deceased mother beside him, which I couldn’t. She came to him several times and one time near the last, he claimed our father was there and asked could I see him. I couldn’t but I believed him.

I believe there is a magnetic us and a physical one. The magnetic one is stamped the moment we first breathe after we are born as if the magnetic one has ‘invaded’ our bodies. Thereafter, it exists alongside us with one difference – it can instantly and freely travel anywhere but always remain tethered to us whilst we live. It provides us with that 6th sense we think we have that protects us from what’s round the corner. It has no barriers to move to the future and the past but it’s biggest problem is it cannot communicate directly us. It is strained to get away from us to live in the magnetic field but while we physically live, it cannot do so. Only when we die is it released and it enters the magnetic world that is all around us.

Believe it or not, you have a 4-pole polarity that is identifiable. It “informs’ all that you are and all that you do. It is the real you, not the physical. This website is all about identifying your magnetic polarity so here is a short recap of the complete life and death process I propse is our reality.

We are surrounded by a magnetic field including the earth and all living things on it. Magnetism by its nature is simple to understand in that like-poles repel and unlike-poles attract.
1. Everything has an opposite in or of itself.
2. When you are born your parents give you a physicality.
3. When they slap you on the back and you breathe in oxygen and gasp (with fear usually) you are instantly linked to the magnetic field.
But how?
4. In the center of the brain is the ‘Pineal Gland’ often referred to as the seat of learning. It is one of only two areas of the body through which all your blood flows, the other being the heart.
Now why would that be?
5. Well, first of all, the blood has iron and iron is heavily magnetic or magnetically arranged fluid.
6. Next to the pineal gland is a mysterious object that should not be there – a crystal called magnetite. By it’s very name you can recognise it is to do with magnetism.
7. When you breathe for the first time, the magnetite is instantly linked to the magnetic field of the earth and ‘informs’ the pineal gland to open and in that moment all the blood make up of iron is set in a special configuration relevant to that moment.
8. The earth’s magnetic field is constantly moving – hence why there are so many birthsigns.
9. But I have discovered that before the personality, education, dna, make-up, background, pace of birth, life experience etc., of you comes into force, your polarity is fixed forever thereafter, “informing” or manipulating all those other elements of your existence throughout your life.
10. There are only 5 possible polarity types 0+/4-, 1+/3-. 2+/2-, 3+/1-, 4+/0-. Which one are you? Well, you can find it out here on this website.
11. From that moment on, like all other factors of the magnetic law, whereby everything has an opposite in or of itself, you have another real exiting doppelganger double spirit-like but magnetic you.
12. It is tethered to you for as long as you live. It is desperate to get away from you and go into into its home – the magnetic field.
13. It can travel in an instant, no boundaries, future or past. It collects all your experiences.
14. And when you die it is released back into the magnetic field with all your physical experiences within it.



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