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There have been 44 different people acting as presidents, of which 6 were 4- (all before 20th century) 7 were 1+/3- (the last being a shoe-in) 14 were 2+/2- 13 were 3+/1- 10 were 4+ (only 1 in 20th ... Read More


Of the 33 listed 9 are 1+/3-           9 are 2+/2-            8 are 3+/1-            4 are 4+            3 are 4- Interesting points a) In modern times, neither of the 4- types... Read More


Click on image title or name to see breakdown of each band Any shift from equal transmitters (+) or receivers (-) indicates a greater or lesser imbalance in the groups total identity or stage presence... Read More


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